Sunday, September 11, 2011

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Hi all
it's been a long while since i put something up here. First up, a little updating. Missotten&Frances is finally official. We do just about anything design based. Plus! We've got a little section selling some excellent stuff, so check us out at:

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Saturday, May 28, 2011

Holga got taken apart and put back together again.

Once upon a time, there lived a pretty red holga camera. That got taken apart because it was sick. It got put back together again like humpty dumpty did. His genius master made him into an invincible robot and programmed him to say, " I'll be back Bi*tches".

**Prints are available in custom colors as well. Email for prices.** Thanks for viewing!!

Saturday, May 7, 2011

50 reasons to (not) date a graphic designer

With thanks to A Bourbon for Silvia. The ones in black speak of me alone but the whole list is brilliant and oh so true xD It's embarassing. Enjoy!

1. They are very weird people.
2. There are billions of them in the world, like colors on the screen of your computer.
3. They will analyse conversations in layers.
4. You will spend the day assembling furniture from IKEA.
5. They drink and eat all kinds of weird shit just because they like the packaging.
6. They hate each other.
7. You’ll come out the last out of the movies because you have to see the full list of credits.
8. They cant change a light bulb or without making a sketch.
9. They fuck up all the tables with their cutters.
10. They rather study the paisley pattern on your outfit than listen to what you have to say.
11. They will fill your house with magazines and whatever is out there that has drawings.
12. You never know if it is really an original or a copy.
13. They make collages with your photos.
14. They do not know how to add and subtract, they just understand letters.
15. They idolize people who nobody knows and speak of them as if they were his colleagues.
16. They take pictures almost daily and all are cut in weird shapes.
17. They ask your opinion about everything but  they do whatever they want.
18. Everything is left justified, right or center unless they arrive late.
19. They hate Comic Sans with the same passion they love Helvetica.
20. They use iPhone for everything, because everyone has one. (I'd rather a blackberry)
21. You can not decorate the house without consulting them.
22. They steal street signs.
23. Always have their hands painted with something.
24. They buy dolls unfinished for them to paint. (sneakers in my case)
25. Everything becomes something other than what it really is: cards as tickets, cards as …
26. When arguing, you will be nicknamed like the OSX spinning wheel (not affectionately)
27. Do not know how to dress without consulting the Pantone book. (color inspiration is important)
28. They hate Excel.
29. They read comics.
30. They want to save the world only with a poster.
31. You will spend the day brainstorming.
32. On vacation they will take you to countries that you do not know exist and have no beach.
33. Museums are their second home.
34. They know more positions than the Kamasutra.
35. They can’t go to a restaurant without secretly critiquing the menu design.
36. They listen to music you have never heard of.
37. They can´t cook a normal dish, they always have to experiment with new ingredients.
38. They read rare books: stories of children, Semiotics …
39. When you are going to tell you something, everyone has read it in their facebook and twitter.
40. They have own iPods before you knew they existed.
41. The orgasm they remember is when they heard that Adobe was acquiring Macromedia.
42. They have their own shops just for them and there are the most expensive in the city.
43. They want to spend all the money in the Apple Store.
44. You will never understand their gifts.
45. They see ordinary objects and laugh.
46. You wake up in the middle of the night hearing them screaming “When is the deadline?”
47. They see CMYK and RGB like Neo sees the Matrix.
48. They dream of the day nobody will make a single change to their designs.
49. They rather pay for a font than for a special birthday gift.
50. They are always sleepy because they work 24/7.

Saturday, March 26, 2011


These are pictures of a paper sculpture I made. The assignment was to visualize a word in 3D form. The choice of paper as material made the assignment at the first glance, hard because paper is such a fine material. But with such a neutral material as paper, it becomes such a malleable communicative middle.

The production of the sculpture was hours of bent over neck breaking precision work and replication after replication for the right curves and folds. I'm proud to show off the final pictures of the sculpture representing 'Lichtheid' (lightness).

The concept behind the sculpture is based on the movement of air.

Cheers all!

Friday, March 18, 2011

For japan with love


Individually there isn't much we can do and our efforts seem in vane but together we could make a difference and have an impact. It's simple what you can do:

1.  This coming Friday, March 18th, no posts at all on your blog.
2.  Please post a blog post about what you will be doing this Friday, tomorrow in hope to spread the word about this action.
3. Tweet and Re-Tweet/blog/sms the shiznit out of the link to please.
4. Encourage your readers to contribute to donate shelter to Japan.
Whatever anyone can contribute will be appreciated. Every little bit helps.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Lying on your back

This is a series of photographs I took around Hasselt area. Hopped on a bike and managed to snap a couple of these for a photography assignment called 'lying on your back'. Seeing everything from underneath allows you notice everything and capture images that communicate on a whole new level.

Friday, December 3, 2010


Shoes (flower gfx)PingLanIn Progress


1. Shoes(Original CMYS)CMYTPromo!: Made to promote! Email me NOW! Auctioned at charity.
2. Shoes(Maaad Fresh)SuzySold: Another happy client
3. Shoes(Feast your eyes)JamieSold: Another happy client
4. Flip Flops(More than just lines)SeanSold: Another happy client
5. Shoes(Retro Pair)CMYTPromo!: Made to promote! Email me NOW! Wearing it myself.
6. Shoes(Waves at Kanagawa, redone)JamieSold: Another happy client
7. Shoes(Feast your eyes)JamiePromo!: Made to promote! Email me NOW! Gift for Jamie.
8. Shoes(Color me PINK)PingLanSold: Another happy client
9. Shoes(Fluidty)KamalSold: Another happy client
10. Shoes(Fluidity 2 water lines)TimothySold: Another happy client
11. Shoes(Safari)JoelSold: Another happy client
12. Shoes(It's all bone)Luis.S.Sold: Another happy client
13. Shoes(B/G print Grrroovy)FabianSold: Another happy client
14. Flip Flops(Pink Flips!)StieneSold: Another happy client
15. Shoes(L'Arte non e mai...)CMYTPromo!: Made to promote! Email me NOW!
16. Flip Flops(Zebra admiration)Sam L.Sold: Another happy client

Status explanation:
  • In Progress: Being worked on until finished (first in list)
  • NOT Paid: Still waiting to be paid
  • Sold: Another happy client
  • For Sale: Buy them now! Email me NOW!
  • On Hold: Waiting...
  • Promo!: Made to promote! Email me NOW!

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