Wednesday, December 31, 2008

a lookback, a step forward & a warm welcome to...

Another year's about to pass in a few hours...I am looking forward to the new year hoping it'll bring me something better after what damage this year's done. But as the hours count down & 2009 draws near, I'm a lil scared. Scared of what's to come, the unknown.

The past few days I've been playing with thoughts of how next year could I'm going to plan it. But the thing is, as much as you plan for something, almost always somewhere something will go wrong. Something goes off track. So i sit here watching the sunrise having yogurt with frozen blueberries and penning my thoughts and contemplating about the new year...

You know the things you want ( which everyone appropriately names as their list of resolutions, I'm renaming it my "want list") that you list down...well I've got a few things that I want for me, my life this new year( after much "cleaning bug ridding" with my trusty " Procras-ticide" spray...

-> I want to be happy.
-> I want a new life.
-> I want to get all the things I've listed on my " to get soon list" lol ( all the darn lists. How's that different from the want list? well, the "to get soon list" is doable pretty easily.)
-> I want to be able to figure how to get started with accessing my messenger through my phone!
-> I want to be within 1m of that special someone. 
-> I want to be somewhere with 4 seasons.
-> I want out of SG.
-> I want that coveted advertising job darn it! (excuse me)
-> this is not a doable want but who cares: I want the recession to disappear.

Look, I could go on forever & ever til death of my fingers do I part... But, I need change yet I crave familiarity. Oh the irony. I'm glad 2008 came & went cuz it brought me someone I hold close to my heart, someone I could be plain me with, someone who feels what I feel, someone who knows me better than I do myself. With that one, I know i'll be safe & things will be okay. 2008 too brought me more independence, self-assurance , discovery & enlightenments? lol. 

As for 2009...I really hope it's a much better year for me all around as well as for all those I keep in heart & mind. What better way to kick off 2009 than for me to be introducing "MyriadMedia" or plain " myriad" for short. Myriad meet world, world meet Myriad. Myriad is my work identity & under Myriad is "C.MY.S" ( pronounced as such :P but stands for collectmyshoes) & "C.MY.T" (collectmytee). 

do visit & bookmark --> MyriadMedia over at

Here's wishing all my visitors a great year ahead & more! 
( to be continued)

season's greetings 2008!

 (<---that's a sketch i started on days ago, the type could've been done a whole lot better :P excuse me)

hey so before 2008 ends, here's a couple of snapshots of some work that's been a pencil smudge on across my nose, covering my desk, hiding in my bag in between the pages of my moleskin...
The "gluttony" artwork was originally a sketch i did that i touched up on the computer with the ever trusty tablet. The piece next to it was for an editorial spread...i loved giving the art direction :)==> " OFF with their heads", make em paint splatters :P lol ( just in case my eyes aren't playing tricks on me...the colors are wrong. Possibly cuz of my file type rofl) Anyhow...

The 2 above are pieces I extracted from a typographic poster I did that tells a story about 1 portion of my life this year. Looking back at 2008, it's really been quite something. So many changes, so many things that are new, so many people & things that have came & went. If i had a choice, I'm in 2 minds about completely erasing this year from the history of my 21 years of living.  I'm grateful I survived it to say the least. I'm looking forward to the new year in hope that it brings me a whole bag of goodies. *fingers & toes crossed* 

&... Last but not least, the above is just my concept sketch in progress for 1 of the 5 canvases i'm doing for an art exhibition in NY early next year. I'll make a future post with all 5 completed canvases, all of which are on sale ( prices aren't out yet cuz I'm still working on it LOL). Interested parties are more than welcomed to begin placing bids on the pieces after I put shots up of the canvases. Because I started out with shoe customizing... some of the pieces will revolve around shoe designs & their inspirations. So a note to all Sneaker Freaks... don't miss out on owning a piece of this super kick ass works of design. 
(ps: all canvases can be translated by yours truly into real dope sneaker customizations, email me with any questions about anything :)) 

XX peace out XX

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

dear blogger, how you've missed me..

Dear blogger,

I know I've left you hanging for a bit..Yes I'm sure you miss me..(muahaha):P I've been meaning to write to you but my life's been on overdrive. There have been some lil things going on of which I'll be soon updating you on in the next post or something because I'm such a "neat freak", a different topic's for a different post! get it? To each it's own place. LOL (i sound like i've got obsessive compulsive disorder) That aside, I just thought I'd bring my ever lovely fingers to come linger & dance on the very buttons that send you something every once in a while &! while doing so..LOOK at what I found...

How kickass is that?! Who'd go through the trouble to shave off the gloss paint on every pencil so the wood's absorbent enough to hold on to that piece of artwork? I love the idea of mixing media but this one..though a really simple drawing, has something fairytale like about it' Lovely, really. Not everything needs maximalism.

Toodles xxx

Thursday, November 6, 2008

melt my heart to stone

Right under my feet
There's air
Made of bricks
Pulls me down
Turns me weak
For you
I find myself
Repeating like
A broken tune
And I'm forever
Your intentions
And I give in
To my pretendings
Which forgive you
Each time
Without me knowing
They melt my heart
To stone

And I hear your words
That I made up
You say my name
Like there could be an us
I best tidy up my head
I'm the only one in love
I'm the only one in love

Each and every time
I turn around to leave
I feel my heart
Begin to burst
And bleed
So desperately
I try to link it
With my head
But instead
I fall back
To my knees
As you tear your way
Right through me
I forgive you
Once again
Without me knowing
You've burnt
My heart to stone

Why do you
Steal my hand
I'm standing
My own ground
You build me up
Then leave me dead


I hear the words that u made up 
& i say your name like there could be an "us"..
I best tidy up my head cause
I'm the only one.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

simply said...

Simply said, simply done
Only chasing things with cost to run
Those wings above, always waiting to be...
just enough.
And I can't even say everybody thinks this way
But they do, yes they do...

Somebody, somebody else..
Somebody, somebody else...please?
gentlemen who only aim to please
When you got things they want
They don't care what you need...
Ladies with such defense spark 
skies a live in strokes of art.
I can't even say everybody thinks this way
But they do, yes they do...

Somebody, somebody else please?
Somebody, somebody else
Somebody, somebody else please?

Simply said, simply done
only chasing things with cost to run
those stars above, always waiting to be...
just enough.
And I can't say everybody thinks this way
But they do...

Yes they do...

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Thoughts of this Designer

I’m out on my own again
Face down in the porcelain
Feeling so high but looking so low
Party favors on the floor
Group of girls banging on the door
So many new fair-weather friends

Have you ever been so lost
Known the way and still so lost

Caught in the eye of a hurricane
Slowly waving goodbye like a pageant parade
So sick of this town pulling me down
My mother says I should come back home but
Can’t find the way cause the way is gone
So if I pray am I just sending words into outer space

Have you ever been so lost
Known the way and still so lost
Another night waiting for someone to take me home
Have you ever been so lost

Is there a light
At the end of the road
I’m pushing everyone away
‘Cause I can’t feel this anymore

Have you ever been so lost
Known the way and still so lost
Another night waiting for someone to take me home
Have you ever been so LOST.

"Thing is...there's alot on my mind that peppers my work. If there's a tune for it, this might be it." I'm considering turning this into an illustration/ print. Interested art collectors & lovers of my work LOL AHEM..keep your eyes peeled! 

peace out *pulls trigger*

Monday, September 1, 2008

Life...It's just a thought, only a thought...

I haven't ever really found a place that I call home
I never stick around quite long enough to make it
I apologize that once again I'm not in love
But it's not as if I mind that your heart ain't exactly breaking
It's just a thought, only a thought...
I've always thought that I would love to live by the sea
To travel the world alone and live more simply
I have no idea what's happened to that dream
Cos there's really nothing left here to stop me
It's just a thought, only a thought...
While my heart is a shield and I won't let it down
While I am so afraid to fail so I won't even try
Well how can I say I'm alive
It's just a thought, only a thought...

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Black + Grey print = Grrrr-oo-vy

This one's a late post but it's here finally none the least. This shoe customization was done for a guy ( well obviously as you'll see Anyway, my client didn't have a specific design request & so, left the concept in my trust (MUAHAHA :P). The grey & black was my client's choice..I added the brown to it. I wanted the print on the shoe to be "simple" enough so that it offers my client more freedom to mix & match his shoe with his wardrobe. I first came up with a sketch ( see above). I sent it to the client for approval & he approved the design but wanted it on a lace up canvas shoe instead....& the final touch? His name XD.

Check it out.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

It's not the GSS, it's the JSS ( jessica's shoe sale) lol...

If you've read the previous post, you'd know I was away for a couple of months. I brought with me a blank pair of shoes to design while on vacation, hoping I'd be inspired by something. 2 months passed & still not a single stroke of paint on the shoe. Not till a couple of days before I was scheduled to return home -_-

For those who've been following my blog, remember the entry I did that was on a sketch of I did of the phrase " L'Arte Non e Mai finita solo Abbandonata" meaning "art is never finished, only abandoned". Based on that sketch, I transferred the phrase to wrap around the entire shoe. I figured if people would pay to have a tattoo of a name, phrase or whole paragraph of words on their limbs...why not on a shoe? LOL (if that makes any sense) So anyway, here's pics of the shoe at its various stages & 1 of a willing model XD Enjoy!

** NOTE: This shoe is up for sale. It's a euro size 39. Interested parties could mail me **

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Admire me, then wear me?

I'm back after a good break away from all the concrete colored buildings with more designs. The "first" item I designed in awhile was this pair of pink flip flops for my bf's cousin " Stiene". I did it while I was on vacation ( yes yes, I brought a sketchbook & a case full of markers, pencils & what have yous). Concept wise, it was easy. "Something sweet, with vines & her name attached" would be good. I took care to keep it simple & & viola! The client was happy ( or so i hope) haha :P

Then a couple of weeks later ( I think. See, my memory sucks) while I was still in Belgium, I had an email asking if I still did flip flop designing. I actually faced out the flip flops because in my opinion, shoes offered much more freedom & design space to work with but still... I couldn't say no. Even more so because the request was to design 2 pairs of flip flops for 2 best friends & the girl wanted the 2 pairs to be linked to each other. <--The more challenge the more fun..LOL anyway, I started work on the pair asap & stuck to working with fluid lines.. here it goes: Pencil + paper--> fluid lines--> adding in their names--> lines & the shapes of the alphabets = something completely personal for the client & a dance of joy ( on my part) lol

Here are pics of the sketches I came up with which I then transferred to the flip flops after I got back to SG last month:

**A QUICK note to all reading: CMYS is stopping all flip flop productions as of this post but will be focusing on shoe, graphic designing & illustrations for print & web. For more info, do send me an email. Thanks for reading XD **

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

it's all bone...

I know it's been a while since my last post but here's the newest edition to the LONG LIST of designs *COUGH* lol. Well, continued from a previous post... this guy actually asked for a skull head & bat wings. It was a little bit of a challenge with this one because of the higher details involved & getting the proportion of the skull right. The design was prepped in pencil & marked out on the shoe itself before i filled in the background colors & lastly the details.
Above is the completed shoe viewed from the top. A gray background would've worked as well.
The shoe viewed from the side. As requested, I kept the shoe filled up for the most part. I covered the back with the guy's name colored a black fading into a red.


Shoes (flower gfx)PingLanIn Progress


1. Shoes(Original CMYS)CMYTPromo!: Made to promote! Email me NOW! Auctioned at charity.
2. Shoes(Maaad Fresh)SuzySold: Another happy client
3. Shoes(Feast your eyes)JamieSold: Another happy client
4. Flip Flops(More than just lines)SeanSold: Another happy client
5. Shoes(Retro Pair)CMYTPromo!: Made to promote! Email me NOW! Wearing it myself.
6. Shoes(Waves at Kanagawa, redone)JamieSold: Another happy client
7. Shoes(Feast your eyes)JamiePromo!: Made to promote! Email me NOW! Gift for Jamie.
8. Shoes(Color me PINK)PingLanSold: Another happy client
9. Shoes(Fluidty)KamalSold: Another happy client
10. Shoes(Fluidity 2 water lines)TimothySold: Another happy client
11. Shoes(Safari)JoelSold: Another happy client
12. Shoes(It's all bone)Luis.S.Sold: Another happy client
13. Shoes(B/G print Grrroovy)FabianSold: Another happy client
14. Flip Flops(Pink Flips!)StieneSold: Another happy client
15. Shoes(L'Arte non e mai...)CMYTPromo!: Made to promote! Email me NOW!
16. Flip Flops(Zebra admiration)Sam L.Sold: Another happy client

Status explanation:
  • In Progress: Being worked on until finished (first in list)
  • NOT Paid: Still waiting to be paid
  • Sold: Another happy client
  • For Sale: Buy them now! Email me NOW!
  • On Hold: Waiting...
  • Promo!: Made to promote! Email me NOW!

  • Note: CMYT can't be held liable for using the wrong colors
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