Thursday, February 26, 2009

Oh, Where were you?

I was a backing track.
Saving my green voice's back.
Disguising the obvious,
That I had no-one to sing for.
I lived in a paper bin.
Which I lived curled up and forgotten in.
With an unfinished lovers hymn
Tattooed on my forehead.

Oh, oh, oh, where were you?
Had I known you then,
The outcome would have been better.

I got used to the treadmill love
Where no matter how fast you run,
You're stuck at the starting point,
Only exhausted.
I was the anonymous author
Of songs I'd not dared to share.
Lacking the audience of a lover's ear.

Oh, oh, oh,
Oh, oh, oh, where were you?
Had I know you then,
The outcome would have been better.

You could have prevented this.
You could have prevented this.
You could have prevented this.
You could have prevented this.

You could have prevented this.
You could have prevented this.
You could have prevented this.
You could have prevented -

Oh, oh, oh, where were you?
Had you known me then,
The outcome would have been better.


Sunday, February 22, 2009

They're off to NY!

They're finally up! XD The top most canvas is a lotus. This piece kinda pokes fun at materialism. For those who don't know ( which I realize could be quite a few people LOL) what meanings the Lotus flower carries, it symbolizes coming out of a bad patch of anything in general & it also to some, holds the meaning of reaching a level of awareness...moving away from a material life & on to something better( put in my own words lol). Anyhow, google it? :P So this piece for me is about a wanting to be free of a material world. In my opinion, life's just easier that way. Unfortunately'll take a good while before mankind lets go of money & selfish wants...

Moving on...the canvas below that is called my " Blue peony". It's my personal favourite & I had the most fun doing the detailed work. This is my interpretation of the flower in my mind but visualized on paper, then canvas. The black background's got tinges of like a midnight blue undertone. There's no complicated reasoning to this flower. It's straight forward...I like the peony flower. I think it's asian beauty with my spin on it :)

These illustrations are up for exhibiting in NY at the moment for the end of the month. But they're also on sale. Interested parties can email me for my price quotes ;) or for a special request like a series of flowers done like the Blue Peony. They make good house warming gifts *ahem* For buyers interested in having this print on other media such as a tee/ tote bag. Email me again :) Thanks for viewing!

Laters xoxo

Friday, February 13, 2009


Dear blogger,

this is what i've been recently up to. Yeah, it needs tweaking. It's not perfect but beautiful isn't it? So many finely textured. Without the fancy colors, would you like it still?

My Peony

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Something exciting's brewing! Calling all fans !!

Alrighty dighty folks! Calling all sneaker lovers, people who love my work *ahem* (rofl im not being too cocky am I? I'm just goofing, excuse me *ahem*) I've always done canvas thinking to up the edition sneakers for more old school Vans slip on skate shoes..none of that. I'm talking pimping ur Nike air force ones...ur nike airmaxes, ur Supras, ur whatever you can think of..yes right here. Get the picture? AH...CMYS is going a lil more high fashion with the next line of sneaker pimping..i'll get to it soon. Keep ur eyes glued, I promise I'll leave you with your jaw open ;) (I may love my sneakers but I understand with the recession & all, these babies can burn a lil too huge a hole in ur cheap monday jeans. So...I still am very much doing the canvas chuck taylor-sique ones & the vans slip on ones) For quotes, email me? :) I'll get back asap.

Now, straight to the heart of an UBER important piece of news! I'm running a "Special online event" for CMYS ( listen up):

MyriadMedia ( as you've kept up with me, is my latest development) is running as of now, an exclusive event. (it's hush hush business dahlings rofl) BUT! there's a catch however....All you awesome people who wanna take part in this will have to do the following ( c'mon, it's nothing but a lil finger flexing :P) & MyriadMedia will be more than happy to reward you with nothing short of
1. you'll be the first few to get a sneak preview of what's coming
2. you'll get to work closer with MyriadMedia + CMYS on various things
3. we'll reward you with a voucher you can use for any purchase of any item from us ;) (mind if i be the devil for minute? Get the voucher. Cuz with the new limited edition project, you'll want a pair for sure lol:P)

OKay! so here's what I need you to do:
- post a comment to THIS post stating why I should pick you
- make another post elsewhere promoting this online event, adding my bloglink to it ( E.g: posting a comment on your friend's blog about this event)<--NOTE: this isn't necessary but it helps up your chances of being selected.
! winners will be notified via email ( so be sure to leave your email address in your comment to this post!

With that, good luck people! :D I look forward to working with you & perhaps making you a shoe? *big grin*


Shoes (flower gfx)PingLanIn Progress


1. Shoes(Original CMYS)CMYTPromo!: Made to promote! Email me NOW! Auctioned at charity.
2. Shoes(Maaad Fresh)SuzySold: Another happy client
3. Shoes(Feast your eyes)JamieSold: Another happy client
4. Flip Flops(More than just lines)SeanSold: Another happy client
5. Shoes(Retro Pair)CMYTPromo!: Made to promote! Email me NOW! Wearing it myself.
6. Shoes(Waves at Kanagawa, redone)JamieSold: Another happy client
7. Shoes(Feast your eyes)JamiePromo!: Made to promote! Email me NOW! Gift for Jamie.
8. Shoes(Color me PINK)PingLanSold: Another happy client
9. Shoes(Fluidty)KamalSold: Another happy client
10. Shoes(Fluidity 2 water lines)TimothySold: Another happy client
11. Shoes(Safari)JoelSold: Another happy client
12. Shoes(It's all bone)Luis.S.Sold: Another happy client
13. Shoes(B/G print Grrroovy)FabianSold: Another happy client
14. Flip Flops(Pink Flips!)StieneSold: Another happy client
15. Shoes(L'Arte non e mai...)CMYTPromo!: Made to promote! Email me NOW!
16. Flip Flops(Zebra admiration)Sam L.Sold: Another happy client

Status explanation:
  • In Progress: Being worked on until finished (first in list)
  • NOT Paid: Still waiting to be paid
  • Sold: Another happy client
  • For Sale: Buy them now! Email me NOW!
  • On Hold: Waiting...
  • Promo!: Made to promote! Email me NOW!

  • Note: CMYT can't be held liable for using the wrong colors
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