Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Art school confidential Part II 6 months ago, this point in time seemed really distant almost like a dream I had last night ---> whacked out art school students lining the walkways with a burning cig. hanging off the corner of their lips, some with their headphones on, some talking in groups, some on their prized hand phones yakking, dance students walking around in leotards, the design students roaming the premises with their digital SLR's, fine art students sitting along the corridors sketching, kids with paint splattered jeans, then there's those who come to school as if they're participating in an on-going fashion parade. I see it in the distance, that black building that looks like a piece of Lego. As I pull up, the crowd of "arty farty" kids appear behind every wall along every corridor...

WHAM! Then it hit me, this ain't no dream man..."hello, Jessica. Welcome back to Lasalle-SIA. Today you actually DO have an orientation. CHECK B1-08/09 & you are in fact REALLY standing on the newly renovated floor of your new school premise. GOOD morning :) " 8-) ! BUT okay, walked in..looked left : there was "trying to look cool n all" dude looking at me..I turn & walk some my right : TRUCKLOAD OF new students on a tour of the grounds. Right up in front----> live band!! ( i thought for a moment! OH music..i LOIKE EHLOT). Stood near listening to em for abit then realized " oh shit. I've got a few minutes to search this gi-normous campus for basement 1.

Searching searching..."GOD i don't know where it is. Obviously it's 1 level down, no?" But i ask the locker rental lady anyways." excuse me. Do you know where basement 1 is?"

" NO> check the map lah... 8-)"
( What can I say--> Singaporeans are so! helpful. good help lady. I wonder if you know where your lockers will be at? geez.)

So I checked the map & stood there for 10 minutes. Lemme tell ya, it DID not help much at all. I strapped on my bag again & went down, walked around peeped through all the glass doors. BINGO..i recognized the bunch that are going to "$%&! my world up. Awesome ( see I'm brimming with joy & anticipation) Weird thing is though... they're the bunch that are going to $%&! my world up but they'll be the most honest, helpful bunch I know. See, it's kind of a love hate relationship. 8-) Where as on the other hand, I could wind up with the most horrid back-stabbing class of designers just waiting for you to fall & spill your guts. Then they'll bend down look at you, ask "you ok?" Without waiting for an answer from you, they'll rummage through your spilled guts, pick out what's of use to them & be on their way. I mean who knows...they might be able to communicate an idea while making some $$ with my guts? No shit.

Right then..I got shot back in time 3 years ago when I first joined the school at the old campus. Completely alone & everything seemed new, weird, foreign even albeit interesting. ;) If there's just one thing about being back at Lasalle, it's interesting what you'll see. That absolute first time I was being interviewed for my place in school, I looked around & heart stopped cuz I was thinking NOO WAY! These people for real? I've not met people quite like this..tattooed & pierced where you can only imagine, hair dyed, braided in dreadlocks, some with styles completely of their own. God I felt out of place & I thought "mmm...maybe I don't belong here. This isn't quite my thing." ( WRONG answer. I'm back here 3 years later & I can say " I like it. yet I don't still. I don't know. It's almost hard to explain.)

I don't know how this year's gonna turn out. Probably better than the last one. I admit...I PLAN ON KICKING BUTT *ahem* ( excuse me). Then again, I can't lie...there's days like today I sit back thinking "god I hope i don't end up wasting my time here." Cuz seriously, since when has Art or design ever needed a certificate of qualification to prove an artist can paint, a designer can create? 8-) Food for thought?

XOXO gotta run lash in my eye

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