Thursday, April 9, 2009

you bright young thing, this is your talk show on mute

Dear blogger,

tonight seems a good night to blog. Not that I usually publicly air my I don't air my dirty leather ( my new "it" material lol). LIFE, geez, it's such a wide topic to ramble on about. My life alone is one heck of a story...I think the producer(s) of "The Ring" would call me up to buy my life story over & name it " The Life". It'll be a blockbuster horror film of the year. It'll start out with an interview *camera's rolling*..."The late night show with David Letterman" (b'cause that's when all my thoughts usually start pouring in like I'm god listening to a light year full of #$%!)

letterman: hi, it's so nice to have you on tonight's show..I understand you're strapped for time so
let's get right down to business.

bright young thing: Right. Fire away.

Letterman: So I understand your life's taken a rather drastic turn from where you had it heading. What's the deal? What happened?

BYT: Umm yeah...Shit happens, that's life eh? People whom I thought had my back fled like I started a plague. So I'm standing alone in this pile of #$%! & not a soul is brave enough to take a leap & grab my hand while I'm hanging off the cliff. There are 2 ways out-> A) I take their hand but at the price of me surrendering my latest pair of Cheap Mondays & YSL high tops which mean the world to me. I mean in essence, they'll be stripping me down to what?! I won't be me anymore. B) #$%! 'em all right...& just break all the nails i've got clinging on to the rockwall. Rock climb my way back up which probably means i'll get there tomorrow night, rip rip my Cheap Mondays. I won't know if i'll survive it b'cause it'll take pretty long...I'll be dead tired & there's a
high chance I could quit on myself & let go. So I chose B.

Letterman: No shit. Do you regret your route you chose now though?

BYT: Yes & no. I've got to a certain extent my freedom. But I've fallen far from my destination. Will I ever get back on course & reach there? I've no idea & I can only hope & swear on my life, I'll make it work.

Letterman: Word.

BYT: *smiles & leans back into the seat*

Letterman: So you've done a couple of great things since though. Don't you think your making some progress with your work/life..what have yous?

BYT: Well yeah fo sho?! I exhibited in NY. Just being invited was like a bright ray of light finally hit my eye b'cause I've been staring at this sun for so long. But I'm still a really long way off from where I wanna be, u know? And I'm going at it all on my own. Where I come from...what I'm doing is looked at as being in a dream...

Letterman: I know. Square pieces of #$%! I totally get you. I wanted to be a rockstar but old
with grey sideburns couldn't cut it.

BYT: haha yes well I'd still date you. You're one funny #$$ & since you get me, our convos ain't gonna be dull.

Letterman: Well check with my wife. Maybe she'll share?

BYT: Nah, it's cool.

Letterman: In a previous interview for Nylon where you fronted the cover (Kudos), I read about what you want from life . Are they all the same still? What's changed & why?

BYT: Yes, it's changed. I don't wanna be a rich #$%! (not that being richer is bad but..) I'll be really satisfied with my life if I'm able to live a decent life doing what I do best. I'd like really to be living on an island with a yacht that takes me out to a quaint lil city. Know of any?

Letterman: Nope. If I do, I'll call ya.

BYT: Cool.

Letterman: If you could describe your life in a sentence...What would it be?

BYT: "Maybe this has all been some really weird dream while I'm passed out in an alley in Amsterdam, still high."

Letterman: High? from being over visually stimulated? I read it in a previous interview that you
get your high from being visually stimulated.

BYT: Hell yeah, hahaha. From being high from visual over stimulation & not being able to express it all. This world I live in is too square. They don't have the chops to take what I'm about to dish out.

Letterman: No shit. I wanted to suntan on my lawn wearing nothing but a silver g-string. My neighbour from across yelled "god letterman, if your chops were nice to look at, I wouldn't mind all that much. Do me a favour & save my eyesight!"

BYT: no kidd.

Letterman: Well, that's all we've time for tonight. I look forward to seeing your work out some day. Watch out, this one's hot.

She takes off her YSL high tops, signs em & hands em to letterman. With everyday that passes, with every talk show that's on mute in my head...a part of me dies.

til the next ramble,

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