Thursday, June 21, 2007

Let's talk about BL!NG baby!

I'd call this a "statement" piece. Don't wear anything else with it (jewelry-wise) of course ;):P This piece was crafted from different broken up pieces of jewelry, charms, beads, pendants..It's in full 925 silver. This necklace highlights the facial features, sits nicely on the neck. Wear it to further bring out the simple silhouettes you're wearing while at the same time holding its own.

FYI: The piece you see here is already sold &! like I mentioned, is completely unique, not another in the world because (here's the catch):

1. I make a piece suited to your personality (if u wish)
2. The "parts" used to create the necklace or bracelet/earrings can either be chosen by me
If you have broken jewelry that you love but cannot mend or have loose pendants, charms
beads, ( you name it, I can work it in): bring it to me & I'll build up a 1-of-a-kind piece for you.
3. I don't replicate the designs.

(Prices vary on how intricate the work is but the basic I charge for this customisation is SGD$25.) Email me for orders, shipping & payment info, advice on pieces you'd like created.

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Shoes (flower gfx)PingLanIn Progress


1. Shoes(Original CMYS)CMYTPromo!: Made to promote! Email me NOW! Auctioned at charity.
2. Shoes(Maaad Fresh)SuzySold: Another happy client
3. Shoes(Feast your eyes)JamieSold: Another happy client
4. Flip Flops(More than just lines)SeanSold: Another happy client
5. Shoes(Retro Pair)CMYTPromo!: Made to promote! Email me NOW! Wearing it myself.
6. Shoes(Waves at Kanagawa, redone)JamieSold: Another happy client
7. Shoes(Feast your eyes)JamiePromo!: Made to promote! Email me NOW! Gift for Jamie.
8. Shoes(Color me PINK)PingLanSold: Another happy client
9. Shoes(Fluidty)KamalSold: Another happy client
10. Shoes(Fluidity 2 water lines)TimothySold: Another happy client
11. Shoes(Safari)JoelSold: Another happy client
12. Shoes(It's all bone)Luis.S.Sold: Another happy client
13. Shoes(B/G print Grrroovy)FabianSold: Another happy client
14. Flip Flops(Pink Flips!)StieneSold: Another happy client
15. Shoes(L'Arte non e mai...)CMYTPromo!: Made to promote! Email me NOW!
16. Flip Flops(Zebra admiration)Sam L.Sold: Another happy client

Status explanation:
  • In Progress: Being worked on until finished (first in list)
  • NOT Paid: Still waiting to be paid
  • Sold: Another happy client
  • For Sale: Buy them now! Email me NOW!
  • On Hold: Waiting...
  • Promo!: Made to promote! Email me NOW!

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