Saturday, June 30, 2007

Take me home ;)

So it was a Sunday morning, bright & early I sat in the pew. Listening to the priest..(right 8-)) Here's a prologue between mother n kid:

" get dressed child. we have to leave the house in 30 minutes to be in church"

" uh..what's the point of going to 'god's house' when he's already 'everywhere' i am?"

" ..."

child thinks (oh? no answer? God got your tongue?)

" Alright. you're going to church right now. we need to see the priest"

( In the priest's office...)

" So i hear your not wanting to come to church kid?"

" I'm a good catholic. I talk to god every day n plus. He's my 1800- toll free chat buddy. So i don't see why i need to be at his house to 'connect with god'"

" I see your point kid"

(mother rolls her eyes & wipes her forehead of "her invisible beads of sweat")

The priest excuses the mother out of the door to speak to the kid alone.

"Look father, It doesn't make my mom a better catholic for showing up in church every Sunday standing, sitting silent & nodding her head, kneeling & singing the tune-less songs when clearly..she sits there n falls asleep while your preaching"

Priest sits up straight, looking at the kid with more interest.

" Nor does it make my uncle anymore of a better catholic bringing his non-catholic wife (who FYI says "I should have remained at XXXX's house instead of coming") & his spoilt 8 year old to church. He let's her jump all over him, raising her voice whenever she pleases & worse...puts her with me in the pew in front of him"

"hmm..kid your onto something"

" i know i am" (grins the kid)

" So i don't think my absence in church today ( if that actually happened 8-)) should've been judged by my mom or uncle..or aunty or whoever else thinks they're of "authority" over me. Get what i mean?"

(u make a good priest kid) <---no the priest didn't say that. It was just my "imagination" LOL

Priest calls the mother back in.

" so father, what do u think?"

" Let your child be. The child will come back when ready"

" THANK U" (finally god answered a prayer)

just FYI...later during mass...the priest said " don't force your kids to come to church. God works in mysterious ways. They'll return when it's the right time." ( The kid was standing outside church)


Anonymous said...

lolx!! i like this one.. and i vivdly remember that yes the priest exactly said that.. and if i was there, i would tap the kid on the shoulder and say :"YES YES.. TTS WAD TRUE FRENZ DO!" wahahaha... ROFL!

CurLed Up said...

CHRIST! isn't there one time you could give a "proper" comment that makes sense? LOL. 8-):P


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