Monday, July 9, 2007

All the fuss about "LIVE EARTH"

( No, the world doesn't come in a "strip of 8 pills" where when one's taken, you have 7 more at your disposal. There's ONE. ONLY ONE earth.)-------> picture edited by Jessica C. ( all rights reserved)

I'm pretty sure everyone's felt the increase in temperature all over the world, not to mention noticed the rise in sea levels & more animals losing their homes...all thanks to all you selfish, careless people. *ahem*

Why only start thinking about the world now? Why did Al gore only suggest to have something to "save the world" NOW 8-) Never mind the rest of the world...let's take a look at Singapore. Why ask people to wear green on the 7-07-07 to show "support" for "LIVE EARTH"?? When everyone knows there's too many cars this tiny dot can contain? Would it not make more sense to encourage the people to leave their cars at home on this day instead of wearing green? Would it not make more sense to INCREASE the number of recycling bins all over the country? Would it not make more sense to have 1 day a week that certain busier streets are "closed off" ( like say closing all shops in orchard road earlier on 1 night. So less traffic, more people are at home..less CO2 production ;), than charging $0.50 - $2.00 for people to drive through "Orchard Road" cuz that would really reduce traffic too. I mean admit it..nearly everyone here can afford paying that 2 bucks to enter town, a few times a day ( we do have one of the highest no. of millionaires living here 8-)) So?

Plus! you know what? Singapore wants to be the "best in everything" ( you can't have EVERYTHING<--doesn't happen like that) instead of holding a "Ms Singapore Universe" every year ( where FYI ALL YOU BLIND people--> every year the girls look the same..u hardly can tell the contestants apart. It's clearly such a "low budget" affair. The girl's hardly are able to come across confident about what they think on certain topics ( BTW asking what guys would have to do to please the girls' moms IS NOT a proper question<---by answering that, you say the girls have beauty & brains...UH....i beg to differ). SO clearly deep down inside all local viewers ( you know Singapore wouldn't stand a chance at even getting to the top 20 in the Ms Universe pageant right?) So why waste money on events like the Ms Singapore Universe when the cash can be put to better use like making Singapore a "location of choice" for big name artistes? ( so at least we could hold a "live earth concert" here too?) See my point? ;) Recycled goods are expensive ( they're expensive why? cuz not many people opt for recycled items..I'm pretty sure 1 of the aims for holding the "LIVE EARTH" event was to make recycling & saving the earth the "IN-thing". <---take the "Louis Vuitton canvas tote ( "I'm not a plastic bag" craze too) Prices lower when more people buy an item right? So EVERYONE should opt for recycled toilet paper, kitchen towels...The more people use em, the cheaper n more recycled goods become readily available. There's always a 1st's just who will take the 1st step. I admit I like having my coffee..& I LOVE the idea that places like Starbucks actually spend the extra cash they make, charging $6 a mug of coffee, on using recycled napkins. These coffee places also sell some pretty mugs, vacuum flasks/cups<---why not offering people the choice of buying those cups & bringing em in to be filled up with their choice of coffee (esp. for take-aways) instead of using plastic/paper cups? THERE'S SOMETHINGS YOU COULD ALSO DO TO HELP SAVE THE WORLD: 1. Instead of wasting $60 on an INK cartridge every time your out of ink at home...use re-manufactured ones that work exactly the same but cost less & helps save the world. (p/s if your seriously interested in using re-manufactured ink/toner/laser cartridges that helps save the world me :))

2. You can sign up for a free account on & with just 1 click everyday, you're helping to save the dying world & the animals in danger of losing their homes + becoming extinct ;) (CHECK THIS BLOG FOR A LINK to )

3. Support using canvas bags instead of plastic ones when you shop. ( Check back on this blog every now n again for any new tote designs)

4. HERE'S a few other ways you can "work" with me to take a step to save this world by recycling:

- support CMYT's "less is more" packaging for all items purchased here.
- talk to me about ways you think I could use what I design for a "greater good"
- When at home ( & without work to do), use candles instead of your lights. ( SAVE energy, save the earth)
- Get used to showering ( notice i said showering. Not taking a bath ;) ) in colder water ( where possible :P) without the heater turned on
- Visit the zoo whenever you get the chance to ( you'll feel guilty learning about what these animals have "lost" because you chose to drink from a plastic bottle n dump it instead of recycling :P)

I could sit here the entire night & think up ways to help. You can too. This is just an "appetizer" ;)

XOXO one love XOXO

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