Monday, July 23, 2007

It bugs me...

the increase of ignorant irresponsible shallow Singaporeans that bring their dogs to the beach merely for use as an "accessory" like the latest color of Havaianas on their perfectly pedicured feet.

YES! the Husky is a BEE-A-Utiful breed of dog, NOT SUITABLE FOR OUR CLIMATE for god's sake! Is that so hard to understand? The thing I can't quite get over is how the authorities allow pet shops & people to bring in Huskies?! That poor dog has the fur coat as thick as the skulls of all these local yuppies buying them. LOL.

A few houses down before mine, there's a family that just had their Husky shaved ( okay so that's the smartest thing I've seen done other than keeping their dog cooped up in an air-conditioned room) Which BTW, isn't quite "cold" enough. You see...where they come from the temperature's a good minus xx degrees. 8-) That's 1. So 2, how big is that room? (HONESTLY!) They're big dogs. Unless you've got your entire house air-conditioned 24/7, I think that's just cruel, keeping the dog inside like that. Not to be a "pain in the butt" but also having the air-condition on 24/7 contributes to global warming which in turn again affects not just us but the endless amount of animals living in the colder countries FYI 8-). If there's ever something else that Singapore could be known for other than their "Singlish Lahs, Lors & mehs" , its that they're a very selfish irresponisble bunch of humans that walk this section of the Earth. They'll drive to the shop that's a 5 min walk from their home. (C'MON!) Back to the dogs...

So I've established that these dogs shouldn't be here. Now we'll look at the stupid bunch that brings them to the beach where they're under direct heat exposure! It's come to my attention that I've observed a significant increase in "Husky beach wearers". Why?? Seriously..why?? Do you think it brings you more attention? Well, I feel sad for you people if you lack such self confidence that you need to torture an animal to feel noticed. ;) OH & did I mention..the "A-typical" crowd most responsible for this behaviour would be those in their 20s-30 somethings? ( mmm hmm the yuppies that work "OH SO HARD" at their cushy banker & business jobs during the week in their Prada & Armani suits whom have no "cause" better to spend their extra $$ on but an IMPORTED dog as yet another status symbol **check Prada & armani suits for work**)

Then there's those that bring their dogs for the fun of it ( which is a nice thought...ONLY if your dog enjoys the water right?) 8-) Geez. I see these people set up their spot under that beach hut, flip open their beach chairs & other nonsense that they've brought to feel like they've not left their HDB flat 8-) :P then grab their cowering pooch & run towards the water. The poor dogs' got its tail between its legs<---is that not a sign enough apart from the "cowering" factor? LOL thick skulls indeed. Tsk tsk. Yes they're natural swimmers, sure you drop them in..they'll swim. Where? TO SHORE! Get it? some of them just don't like it. IMAGINE having a fear of heights, then your parents just grab you & push you off a cliff to dive into the sea below ( of course knowing that's safe for you ;)).
"don't do unto others what you'd not want done to yourself"

To make matters worse...continue imagining that your parents went to the extent to have lifeguards fish you out of the water as your swimming to shore for dear life & to get the hell away from them, but a lifeguard gets a hold of you & brings you back to your parents only to have them throw u back in again! That's exactly what you twits are doing to your dog you say you love. RIGHT! 8-)

p/s Food for thought. ( although i know alot of you wouldn't give a $%&! about it any more than what food item you should indulge yourself with later :P)

**signing out**

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